History of event1013

The History of event1013

In the 1840s the Republic of Texas gave land grants to several companies to bring settlers to Texas. Sam Houston, who was Governor of Tennessee, touted the vast fertile prairie lands to entice settlers to North Texas. The Peters Colony was organized to bring settlers from Kentucky and Tennessee to Texas for the promise of free land. Each married settler would receive 640 acres and each single man would receive 320 acres for clearing the land and setting up a homestead.

May 8, 1850, the State of Texas deeded 640 acres of this area to Joseph Klepper.

By 1870, the community had a population of 155. In 1872, the arrival of the Houston and Texas Central Railroad spawned growth.

In 1873, Plano incorporated with a mayor and five aldermen. The population had grown to 500.

In 1881, the entire business section of downtown Plano, 52 buildings, burned to the ground. The next day the entire city was under tents to house people and supplies. Mr. Shuell, a well-known architect at the time, designed many of the brick buildings that now stand along 15th Street.

In 1885, the site was a grocery and liquor store.

In 1895, another fire devastated Plano, but rebuilding began again.

1906 SJ Matthews moved his store across the street to this location. The Matthews Store was an early department store, carrying anything needed for the home and family. A popular gathering place during Trade Days, Mathews stayed open late on Saturday nights when local farmers came to town to trade livestock, catch up on the news of the day and pay their bills. Mathews’ wife and daughters were milliners who made fancy hats for the young ladies of the day. Mathews Store was in business for 52 years.

By 1948, 1013 was Federated Store, part of Federated Department Stores, founded in 1929, a holding company of stores that included Bloomingdale’s, Abraham & Straus and Macy’s in New York and Filene’s in Boston.

In the 1960s, 1013 was Nathan White Department store. Because the business district was situated on one of the highest points in the area, some of the local school children who skipped across Haggard Park would meet friends “uptown” for a soda at the fountain next door at Allen’s Drugstore or across the street at Harrington’s Pharmacy.

In the 1970’s, 1013 was a photography studio and Plano Printing. In 1977, the grandson of SJ Matthews sold the building to Charles Ramay. Mr. and Mrs. Ramay had a women’s clothing store named the Clothes Shoppe until they sold the building.

In 1984, Frank Neal purchased the building and from 1984-2000, 1013 was an antique store, called Simple Country Pleasures.

In 2007, Sharon Lloyd ran Teacup Antiques here until 2009.

In September of 2009, the building was purchased by Ron and Deborah Pierce, and transformation to event1013 began.


We look forward to you joining us for your next event, and becoming a part of history at event1013!

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